We welcome you to The Engine Room, we sell luxury segment cars. Our focus is particularly on young used sports cars and SUVs. We are located on the Zuidas, the financial heart of the most beautiful city in the world: Amsterdam. At The Engine Room, we focus on totally taking care of your automotive needs.

Our cars

We have a fine selection of young used exclusive cars, but of course, they may just not meet your specific needs. Don’t let that stop you from contacting us anyway! Thanks to our extensive network and many years of experience, we can find your car in no time.

Whether you are looking for the latest Porsche 911, a fine Range Rover Sport or a luxurious Bentley Continental, we have the contacts to find exactly the car you want. If it is not in our own country we can import it for you. We are a new company, but our people have been going for years and have extensive experience in buying and selling cars, especially in the field of import and export.

We think of everything

We not only take care of your new car, but also everything that comes with it. We will help you with the purchase of the car and possible financing. We can also help you choose the right type of car lease and get the insurance in order. And do you already know where the car will be parked, or perhaps you need storage for your exclusive car?

At The Engine Room, you hand over all your worries. We at The Engine Room also have extensive experience and knowledge of taxation. We can tell you exactly how to best invest your money in a car. BPM, additional tax and other forms of taxation hold no secrets for us. Moreover, we have a network, partly consisting of our own customers, who can further advise you in all these areas. That’s another benefit of The Engine Room, because we are more than a car dealership.

More than a car dealership

We at The Engine Room are more than just a car dealership. When you buy a car from us, you are automatically a member of our network. That means joining a group of people who are like-minded. Our clientele consists of lawyers, entrepreneurs, accountants, people who are like-minded. We regularly organize private meetings, tours and outings for these valued clients. This is how we connect our customers and offer added value over other companies. As mentioned, we are more than just a car dealership.

Branch Office of The Engine Room

In a few months we will open our showroom in a spectacular but extremely discreet location on the Zuidas. A place known only to our customers. Not because we don’t want to be found, but because we like to give our customers the highest possible service and attention. This is also why we work by appointment only, so that we can help you in the best way possible, without unwanted disruptions and attention.

The Engine Room is the place where we take all the time we need for you by invitation, one-on-one. Your time is