Nice of you to make time to read our blog again. We could do a whole exposé on the current political vicissitudes, but we are a car company so we will also focus on exclusive cars and car-related news.

Progress on the renovation of the shed continues steadily. Last week, the kitchen was installed, and all but a few items are ready for use.

In the second week of April, the new floor will be poured. This is an important milestone for The Engine Room, as after this we can finally put the couches, televisions, lamps and tables in the shed.

Oh yeah, not to mention, the cars themselves 😉

End date

We expect to be finished with the remodeling by the end of April, and then we will test run for 1-2 weeks to fix all the minor obstacles so that we are completely ready for our Grand Opening.

For the specific date of the opening, customers of The Engine Room will still receive separate invitations. So keep an eye on your email next time. We have pulled out some stops, and expect it to be a splashy party with some nice surprises, both the opening presentation and the collection.

Here are some photos of the progress of the renovation. As you can see, we have come a long way, but are far from finished.

Keep you posted. Follow our socials for more updates or contact us for more information on the opening / collection of cars we currently have in front of you.