In the world of exclusive cars, there are an awful lot of expensive cars. If you start looking for expensive cars, however, you quickly end up abroad. This is not surprising either, since these cars are often produced abroad. So an interesting question is, what is the most expensive car on Dutch license plates? We figured it out for you.

The Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé (4,064,477 euros).

There has recently been a Bugatti Chiron L’Ébé in the Netherlands according to RDW data. This is the very first car in the Netherlands with a new-value of more than 4 million, breaking the record of most expensive car on Dutch license plates.

In March 2022, another Chiron was registered with a new-value of 3,622,222 euros. This was already a record but so it was soon broken. A standard Chiron starts at 2.6 million so we can assume the owner opted for quite a few options.

Named after the daughter of Ettore Bugatti

L’Ébé Bugatti, the daughter and eldest child of Ettore Bugatti, was very important to him. Bugatti honors L’Ébé with this very luxurious car. The eldest child of Ettore and Barbara Bugatti, born in 1903, L’Ébé has had more to do with the rise of giant Bugatti than anyone else.

Ettore even chose to incorporate his own initials “EB” into her first name, so L’Ébé did not have to give up the Bugatti surname, even after her marriage. In her later book “The Story of Bugatti,” a biography of Ettore, she gave many details about the history of the brand and her father himself.

Bugatti’s very last Chiron

Bugatti has introduced a series of extremely popular models to the market since 1990. Starting with the EB110, followed by the iconic Veyron and, most recently, the Chiron. The Bugatti Chiron made its debut in 2016 and Bugatti will conclude the model with the very last one, called the L’Ébé.

Whereas Bugatti took 10 years to reach the target of 450 Veyron copies, with several limited editions, reaching the target of 500 Chiron copies was a piece of cake. The last Chiron L’Ébé will roll off the production line along with its successor, the first Centodieci.