Porsche is a brand with a rich history and a reputation for building beautiful, performance sports cars. From the iconic 911 to the powerful Panamera, Porsche has produced many impressive exclusive cars. In this article, we take a look at the five best-selling Porsche models in the Netherlands, including customers’ most popular choices and the special features of these cars.

Sales figures in the Netherlands

Porsche car sales figures have been known in the Netherlands since 1983. We see in the first years of entering the Dutch market, that the numbers fluctuate very much. From 1997 there really comes a clear upward trend and we see that Porsche sold 208 cars in 1997 and as many as 2276 in 2022. More than a tenfold increase in 25 years. 2023 is also off to a good start with more than 475 cars sold at the time this article was written. These figures come from www.autoweek.nl

Why do Dutch people choose a Porsche?

Dutch people often choose an exclusive Porsche for several reasons. First, the brand is known for its high-quality cars and each Porsche delivers outstanding performance. Many people appreciate the combination of speed, precision and refinement that a Porsche offers. Moreover, the brand is known for its unique designs and stylish appearance, which adds to the image of a person who owns a Porsche.

In addition, the brand offers a wide range of models, including sporty coupes, convertibles and luxury SUVs, providing a suitable option for every driving style and preference. In short, Dutch people choose a Porsche car because of its combination of high quality, excellent performance, stylish appearance and wide range of models.

5. Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan, Porsche’s first fully electric car, has an impressive sales record in the Netherlands. With 1964 models sold, the Taycan ranks fifth in the list of best-selling Porsche cars in our country. This shows that Dutch consumers are increasingly open to electric vehicles and appreciate the Taycan’s quality and performance. The success of the Taycan is a milestone for Porsche in their pursuit of sustainability and electrification of their cars

Moreover, the Taycan is a car that perfectly combines performance and comfort. With its powerful electric motors and fast and efficient battery, it offers a smooth and stunning driving experience. The Taycan is also equipped with the latest technologies and innovative features, including a comprehensive infotainment system and impressive aerodynamics. All this makes the Taycan a unique car that stands out from other electric vehicles and is in line with Porsche’s high standards.

The sales successes of the Porsche Taycan in the Netherlands show that there is increasing demand for high quality and performance electric vehicles. Clearly, the Taycan meets these expectations and plays an important role in the future of Porsche and the automotive industry as a whole.

4. Porsche Macan

The Porsche Macan is a very popular car in the Netherlands and has been enthusiastically received by fans of the brand for years. With sales of 2,656 models, the Macan is the fourth best-selling Porsche car in the country. This shows the surely fairly large popularity of this SUV, which is a perfect combination of sportiness and comfort. With its outstanding performance, innovative technologies and beautiful design, it is no surprise that the Porsche Macan is winning over more and more people. The future will tell if sales of this car will increase further, but for now the Macan seems to be a keeper in the Dutch car market.

The Porsche Macan ‘s success is probably also due to its versatility. This is because the car offers not only comfort and luxury, but also sporty driving characteristics. This makes the Macan suitable for both family drives and sporty road trips. Moreover, the Macan features advanced technologies that make driving this car a real experience. In short, the Porsche Macan is a car that meets the expectations of many people, which is why it is so popular in the Netherlands.

porsche macan s black 3903

3. Porsche Panamera

The Porsche Panamera is very well known in the Netherlands. With its unique blend of sportiness, luxury and again practicality, it is not surprising that the Panamera ranks as the 3rd best-selling car in the country. The car offers high-level driving pleasure, thanks to its powerful engines and pleasant handling. Moreover, it is equipped with the most modern features and features spacious seating and a roomy trunk. The Porsche Panamera is a perfect choice for those looking for a car that both stands out on the road and is known for its excellence and performance.

The Panamera has proven itself as a car with versatile capabilities, both for business and personal use. Thanks to the high level of personalization, you can customize the car to your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a powerful and sporty car for highway driving or a comfortable and spacious car for family outings, the Porsche Panamera is an excellent choice. Moreover, with its premium finish and elegance, this car exudes class and style. It is not surprising that the Panamera is so popular among car enthusiasts in the Netherlands.

2019 porsche panamera 4 e hybrid sport turismo 2.9 front

2. Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is an icon when it comes to sports cars, and it is clear that this popular model is also highly regarded in the Netherlands. The Porsche 911 ranks second as the best-selling car in our country with 6632 sales. It is clear that the Porsche 911 is still a beloved model and is likely to remain so as the brand strives to further improve and innovate this model.

It is not surprising that the Porsche 911 is so popular in the Netherlands, as the 911 has been on the market for more than 50 years and it has always met consumers’ expectations. The 911 is known for its excellent handling, making it a favorite among car enthusiasts. It is also an icon in the auto industry and is often considered the benchmark for other sports cars. Moreover, the car offers a high-quality and luxurious experience for the driver and passengers.

In the Netherlands, many people have considered the Porsche 911 as their dream car, and it is clear that many people have fulfilled that dream by buying the model. This ensures a growing number of Porsche 911 owners and it once again underscores how much impact the model has on the Dutch car market.

1. Porsche Cayenne

The Cayenne is the most popular Porsche car in the Netherlands. This model has proven to be a versatile and performance SUV suitable for both work and everyday life. It is no surprise that the Cayenne is the best-selling Porsche car in the Netherlands, with its powerful and efficient engines, excellent handling and comfortable interior. In addition, the Cayenne offers many innovative technologies and versatile features, including all-wheel drive and an extensive amount of storage space. All these factors combine to make the Porsche Cayenne an excellent choice for those looking for a refined and sporty SUV.

The Porsche Cayenne is popular not only for its performance and functionality, but also for its distinctive style and design. The model has excellent aerodynamics, sharp lines and a sporty appearance. Inside, the interior is refined and elegant, made of high-quality materials. The infotainment system offers a host of features, including navigation, music streaming and connection to mobile devices.

Not surprisingly, the Porsche Cayenne is a popular choice for both business and private customers in the Netherlands. Offering an excellent combination of performance, comfort and style, the Cayenne is an excellent choice for those looking for a premium SUV. All in all, the Porsche Cayenne is a top car and the best-selling Porsche in the Netherlands.

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