The auto industry has been under considerable attack in recent years due to the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, chip shortages and rising production costs. Then you would say that such factors are not really conducive to the industry. Yet luxury cars, on the other hand, are not doing too badly at all. Some even set new sales records.

Bentley and Ferrari

The Bentley and Ferrari brands are doing particularly well. To begin, we look at Bentley, they made twice as much profit in the first nine months this year as they did last year, in which they also sold a record number of cars. Bentley’s sales numbers are back in thick plus, with the brand selling 10934 cars in the first nine months of 2021. In January through September this year, the brand sold 11,316 cars, and that does not include deliveries of the Bentayga EWB.

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At Ferrari, sales are also booming. For example, the Italians sold 8206 cars in the first nine months of last year. This year in the same period, the brand sold 9894 units, growing solidly. Still, Ferrari’s shares dropped a bit when the figures were announced. This is because a profit margin of 35 percent was hoped for, but was somewhat disappointing.

Other luxury brands

Other luxury brands, such as Porsche, for example, are also doing well. For example, Porsche sold 2% more cars. Despite this increase, it still provides 40% more profit.

The Italian brand Lamborghini also saw an increase in sales. Lamborghini has had overflowing order books for some time and was on course to set records by the middle of this year. After 9 months, the direction of the brand has not changed. Certainly not with the arrival of two new variants of the Urus. The refreshed Urus-S and Performante ensure that sales figures are further boosted.


Finally, then, the Mclaren. At the British brand, successes have been somewhat less obvious in recent years. Unfortunately, the new model, the Artura, also has a difficult start. Thus, the car was not quite finished when it was launched. What this does to the numbers remains to be seen, as Mclaren will come out with the figures later this month. Fortunately for the brand, there are still plenty of customers to be found, as the order books are nearly full.

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Unfortunately, the brand is still experiencing some complications in the production of the cars. Thus, this year’s total sales are revised downward because of the shortage of chips. Despite everything, Mclaren did turn a profit in 2021, where the brand was still turning losses in 2020. After Q2 of this year, the brand was positive, so that can only lead to positive numbers for the first nine months of 2022.