Consignment Sales Through The Engine Room

Don’t want to trade in your car, but want to sell it? When you sell your car to a car dealer, you usually get a very low price for a car. That’s why our consignment sale is a perfect solution for your exclusive car! In fact, a private sale of your exclusive car often brings you a lot more money.

We also offer this service for our customers. Of course, these are real “cars for enthusiasts. Not cars that you see driving around every day, but the exclusive cars that make many a car enthusiast hot. We know the automotive industry inside out, and have a large reach within our network of potential buyers.

Do you have a car like this that you want to sell for a nice price, but don’t feel like doing all the work around it? If so, please contact us (without obligation)!

What is consignment sale of your car?

When selling your car on consignment, we take all the worries out of your hands. We will make the car look like it is brand new again (if necessary).

Then we put the car in the full spotlight, online and offline. As a result, many potential buyers will see your car pass by, which will increase its yield.

When selling your car, we provide the buyer with several options that make it attractive to a wider audience. Consider trade-ins, warranties and financing.

Advantages consignment sales

Having your exclusive car sold by The Engine Room brings several benefits.

  • No risks during the sale
  • All concerns and sales work we take out of your hands
  • Professional promotion and mega-findability
  • Buyer can buy the car from a professional party

Consignment sale of your exclusive car?

Selling without worries for the best price is what we guarantee with this service! We would be happy to tell you more about all the options and costs. Please feel free to contact us!

Why are more and more people choosing consignment sales?

There are a number of reasons why more and more people are choosing to sell their exclusive cars through consignment sales. One of the main reasons is that it often results in a sale faster. By selling a car through consignment sales, the seller can benefit from the fact that the seller (usually a professional dealer) offers the car in an efficient manner. This can ensure that the car is sold faster than if the seller has to do it himself.

In addition, the seller can often get a higher selling price for the car by letting a professional dealer handle the sale. The dealer can present the car in a professional manner and may be able to reach a larger audience than the seller himself. Consignment sales can also help the seller reduce stress associated with selling a car themselves. The dealer takes on most of the work, such as answering buyers’ questions, arranging test drives and handling the sale.

Finally, the seller can benefit from professional advice on how best to sell the car by letting a professional dealer handle the sale. For example, the dealer can advise on the selling price, the best way to present the car and how best to handle the sale.

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