It is still just a little different from a BMW or Range Rover. Because every Porsche is always first and foremost a sports car. In this Coupe S, you won't be short of anything. From 0 to 100 km it goes in 4.5 seconds and it reaches a top of 270 km/h. And importantly, the V6 engine, contained or not, roars and babbles enthusiastically. Those who get in breathe the atmosphere of motorsports. This is a car for fanatics.

Specifications Porsche Cayenne S Coupe

  • Eerste toelating May 2020
  • Vermogen 441 HP
  • Brandstof Benzine
  • Transmissie Automaat
  • Topsnelheid 263 km/h
  • Acceleratie (0-100) 5 sec
  • Gewicht 2025 kg
  • Aantal zitplaatsen 4
  • Cilinders 6
  • Cilinderinhoud 2981cc
  • Garantie Fabrieksgarantie
  • Onderhoudsboekje Aanwezig
  • trailer assistant
  • rear seat foldable in parts
  • adaptive damping system
  • descent assistant
  • alarm class 1(immobilizer)
  • alarm system
  • exterior aluminum parts
  • Anti Blocking System
  • Anti-skid Regulation
  • Apple Carplay/Android Auto
  • rear armrest
  • audio installation
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • tire pressure monitoring system
  • driver airbag
  • bots warning system
  • Brake Assist System
  • electric folding door mirrors
  • exterior mirrors electrically adjustable and heatable
  • central door locking with remote control
  • comfort seat(s)
  • connected services
  • cruise control
  • roof spoiler
  • electronic climate control
  • electric tailgate
  • electrically adjustable front seat(s)
  • Electronic Stability Program
  • hill hold function
  • rear head airbag(s)
  • head airbag(s) for
  • knee airbag(s)
  • LED daytime running lights
  • LED headlights
  • leather/alcantara upholstery
  • multimedia preparation
  • navigation system full map + hard disk
  • front and rear parking sensor
  • passenger airbag
  • rain sensor
  • steering wheel switch
  • sports steering wheel
  • voice control
  • start/stop system
  • power steering
  • multifunction steering wheel
  • follow-up collision prevention
  • front seats adjustable in height
  • heat-reflective glass
  • WiFi preparation
  • front side airbag(s)

Porsches and sports cars go hand in hand. This carmaker not only combines strong performance with sleek looks. But the combination of pepper and sand is new. Can an off-road vehicle or SUV drive like a real Porsche? Porsche's first attempt to design an off-road vehicle did not meet with great success. The first-generation Cayenne stared blankly at the world, while the second generation does have a steadfast front end. As big as this Porsche Cayenne differs from its predecessors, this striking off-road vehicle is recognizable as a Porsche at the first glance. Instead of the usual plunge, boarding here requires a climb. In the Porsche Cayenne, the driver sits upright, overlooking traffic from his remarkably tall command station. At the same time, this sporty Cayenne is more agile and smaller than most other off-road vehicles in this segment. Despite these changes, the Porsche Cayenne remains an unadulterated sports car. Do you like Porsche? Then buying a Porsche Cayenne is definitely for you.

Interior Porsche Cayenne

Although many of the switches and display are recognizable as typical Porsche parts, the interior atmosphere is different from that of the other sports car from Porsche . The Cayenne is big, offering plenty of room, especially in the front. The space in the back seat is sufficient, yet it cannot be compared to other cars in this segment. The luggage compartment is spacious and easily accessible thanks to the two-piece tailgate. For smaller items, just open the rear window. You can definitely classify the Cayenne among exclusive cars, because it is spacious, functional and luxurious, without the sophistication of Porsche. For example, the navigation system does not have TMC. The phone is not paired with Bluetooth, but requires a special mounting kit. The standard sound system has poor sound. The equipment is far from commensurate with the price.

Comfort Porsche Cayenne

In the center of the center console is a large lever that defines the character of the car. In neutral, the Cayenne is a comfortable off-road vehicle. Its large size and high seat make distances seem shorter than many other cars. The new 3.6-liter six-cylinder engine with 290 hp and 385 Nm instead of the 3.3-liter, 250 hp and 310 Nm operates almost silently. With this base engine, the Cayenne is smooth, but certainly not as fast as other Porsches. The entry-level model weighs 2.2 tons. The base is sturdy and certainly does not compromise its comfort. The steering is precise and the handling is perfect for an SUV. Both its steering and handling are excellent, even at high speeds.

Sand on it

In sport mode, the character of this Cayenne changes completely. At the push of a button, the first such quiet V6 power transforms into a roaring machine that actively hangs on the throttle. The mediocre performance just now was immediately forgotten. The slightest movement of the right foot provides instant acceleration. Although the Cayenne V6 is a fast SUV, its performance is meager compared to other Porsches. In sport mode, the suspension is noticeably firmer. The car feels better now. Taking fast turns in this way provides great satisfaction for his passengers. This off-road vehicle from Porsche quickly proves to be an exciting driving machine. It is now noticeable that Porsche is a pure sports car manufacturer, and that knowledge is also incorporated into off-road vehicles.


In its offroad mode, so-called "underdrive" is available. This translates the power of sprinting into climbing power and ensures accurate gas delivery. Thanks to its large tires, the Cayenne V6 races through mud and sand. The tires or rims that come standard with the Cayenne S and Turbo are certainly not ideal for off-road driving. The so-called differential lock improves traction on tough terrain. Thanks to its sporty character, the Cayenne also communicates well with off-road drivers and goes further than an ordinary SUV. Buying a Porsche Cayenne still appeals to a lot of (sporty) drivers. The base version of this Cayenne seems to lack the sporty ingredients, but ultimately this is only appearances. The entry-level model delivers decent performance, but not nearly like Porsche's sports cars. Compared to other off-road vehicles, this Cayenne still remains a special car. Moderate compared to other Porsches, excellent compared to other SUVs. Moreover, these talents of the Cayenne are not limited to above-average handling. This car excels at all in the fields.

Buy Porsche Cayenne

Despite the few downsides, there are still more than enough reasons to buy a Porsche Cayenne. There is its spacious and luxurious interior, its excellent handling and its roadholding. Fortunately, the few lesser points do not outweigh this. So buying a Porsche Cayenne is still worthwhile, especially for ardent Porsche fanatics. Buying a Porsche Cayenne? For the few flaws, you certainly shouldn't leave it at that.

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