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Specifications Ferrari Testarossa

  • Eerste toelating 04-1986
  • Brandstof Benzine
  • Topsnelheid 295 km/h
  • Gewicht 1,580 kg
  • Cilinders 12
  • Garantie Fabrieksgarantie
  • Vermogen 390 HP
  • Transmissie Automaat
  • Acceleratie (0-100) 5.8 sec
  • Aantal zitplaatsen 2
  • Cilinderinhoud 3,998 cm³
  • Maintenance history Fully present

Model range: 1985 – 1992
Wheelbase: 255 cm
Acceleration (0-100): 5.8 s
Top speed: 295 km/h
Number of keys: 2 (2 handheld transmitters)
Vehicle tax: € 228 – € 258 per quarter
Instruction booklets available
Full service history available
Delivery package included: The Engine Room Standard : The car will be delivered in excellent condition, full tank, incl. brand warranty and of course new MOT. You can pick up the car at our office in Amsterdam, or have it delivered to your location in the Netherlands free of charge. For more information, contact Mark at The Engine Room.

Ferrari Testarossa: The classic sports car that was ahead of its time

In the 1980s, the Ferrari Testarossa made its debut and entered the market as a spectacular sports car. Its sleek, low design attracted attention, and the Testarossa’s powerful engine promised a fantastic and sporty driving experience. For many car enthusiasts, the Testarossa quickly became a dream car that symbolized speed and sportiness.

The design of the Testarossa diverged considerably from its predecessor, the Berlinetta Boxer. The wide build and sharp angles in the design gave the car a futuristic look, while the side-mounted radiators provided better airflow and engine cooling. Inside, the Testarossa has a spacious and comfortable cabin, with leather seats and a host of high-tech features. For its time, the Testarossa was a real innovation.

The Production History of the Ferrari Testarossa and Important Milestones

The Ferrari Testarossa was produced from 1984 to 1991, a total of 7,177 were made during that time. After this period, the Testarossa underwent several updates and improvements, including a redesign in 1991 that resulted in the 512 TR and F512 M models. The Testarossa also played an important role in racing, with several racing teams using modified versions of the car in race events. Today, the Testarossa remains a beloved classic car, with many enthusiasts seeking well-maintained examples for their car collections.

  • Ferrari Testarossa: the original model produced from 1984 to 1991
  • Ferrari 512 TR: an updated version of the Testarossa produced from 1991 to 1994
  • Ferrari F512 M: the last iteration of the Testarossa produced from 1994 to 1996

Each of these three models has slightly different specifications.

The interior design and key functionalities of the Testarossa

The Ferrari Testarossa is all about performance and speed; this is reflected in the car’s interior. The car’s leather seats are designed to provide the best support and comfort, even during fast cornering and acceleration, the driver remains firmly in place. The dashboard is minimalist, with only the essential gauges and dials needed for track riding, including a speedometer, tachometer and oil temperature gauge.

The Testarossa is not equipped with luxury features such as power windows or air conditioning, as these would only add weight and have negative effects on track performance. Instead, the car was designed as a pure race car, with every element of the car focused on delivering the ultimate driving experience.

The driving experience of the Ferrari Testarossa

Once you get behind the wheel of the Testarossa, you will find that the car is much easier to drive than you might expect. Even when driving slowly, it responds sharply and the Testarossa can easily blend into traffic. With the wide view, you can easily keep an eye on your surroundings.

You don’t notice the Testarossa’s high torque right away, but the acceleration builds gradually, at some point making the Testarossa come alive and pull away hard. It does require pulling the car high in the revs to utilize the full potential of the engine, and fast shifting will not really add value if you want to accelerate quickly.

While it may not be as explosive as some modern sports cars, the Testarossa still has enough power to keep up with the newer cars. In short, the Ferrari Testarossa is a fantastic classic that can promise you many miles of driving pleasure.

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