The Audi RS6 is one of the most famous and sought-after estate cars of recent decades. And of course, this trend has not escaped our notice. We have a wonderful version for you. Not in black, white, green, but Nardo Gray. And yes, it looks delectable. Quattro drive, co-steering rear wheels, espresso red stitching in the interior, black rims, a panoramic roof and the paint; this RS6 is really all over the place. The car comes with an extended Audi warranty up to 3 years / 100,000 km. Even for the business driver this is an interesting car, since it is a VAT car. Look no further for the black or dark gray versions; you must have this one. You hardly see them in this combination with these options; and that's why we have one for the right customer.

Specifications Audi RS6 Avant Nardo Grey 2022

  • Eerste toelating 01-2022
  • Brandstof Benzine
  • Topsnelheid 280 km/h
  • Gewicht 2050 kg
  • Cilinders 8
  • Garantie Fabrieksgarantie
  • Vermogen 600 PK
  • Transmissie Automaat
  • Acceleratie (0-100) 3.6 sec
  • Aantal zitplaatsen 5
  • Cilinderinhoud 3996 cc
  • Onderhoudsboekje Aanwezig
  • Nardo gray
  • Bang & Olufsen Soundsystem
  • Extended Audi Warranty – 100,000 km
  • Rear View Camera
  • RS-Dynamic package
  • Assistant Tour package
  • Sports seats in Leather Volcana with red stitching and seat cooling
  • Comfort Access
  • HD Matrix LED Lamps
  • Rear privacy glass
  • Steering rear wheels
  • 22″ Rims
  • RS Sportuitlaat
  • Aanhanger voorbereiding
  • Panoramic roof
  • Seat heating and cooling
  • Optical package black accents
  • Exterior mirrors electrically adjustable and heatable

Station wagons are remarkably versatile and thus very popular. They offer the luxury and sophistication of a regular car and add many extras on top, including a sea of space. Audi adds a lot of assets. The success story of the Audi RS6, meanwhile, started 25 years ago. Regularly, the structural engineer made use of the latest developments. As a result, the RS6 remained a true trendsetter. But why would you buy this Audi RS6?

Buy Audi RS6 for its almost unique execution

For his RS9 goes
to the extreme. Only the roof, tailgate and front doors are from the original A6. For example, the latest version of the RS is no less than eighty centimeters wider than its predecessors. That alone makes the RS6 an impressive appearance with a remarkably wide track.

This significantly improves its handling. The wheel arches were knocked out to keep the wheels inside the body. The Audi RS6 received wider thresholds and the front end was completely redesigned. It is now even bigger, wider and more imposing. The biggest asset of this Audi RS6 is its stunning performance.

Buy Audi RS6 for its sporty performance

With its remarkably large rear spoiler, the Audi RS6 really impresses. This has a significant impact on its top speed. Thanks to this redesigned spoiler, the standard version’s top speed of 250 kilometers per hour was raised to 280 kilometers. The RS6 can be even faster. Its top speed is now 300 kilometers. The new spoiler should keep the Audi RS6 in the right lane at this top speed.

Buy Audi RS6 for its sporty yet practical nature

Despite its remarkable sporting performance, the Audi RS6 remains practical. Until now, the pumps with which the variable undercarriage was equipped occupied so much space that not even a tow bar could be installed. That shortcoming was now also eliminated. The interior space remained unchanged, but the atmosphere inside cannot be compared to any other model. In the front, solid sports seats with large raised cheeks dominate, indispensable for even greater lateral support.

In the upholstery we find the stylish honeycomb pattern of the brand new front. Noest seat heating, the RS6’s seats are equipped with cooling. In the back, fellow travelers have plenty of room The space in the back is good, but the hard rear of the bucket seats means that it is not nearly as comfortable in the back than in a regular A6. The luggage compartment remained unchanged, measuring 1680 liters as usual.

Unmodified equipment

The RS6’s equipment has not changed. On the dashboard we find several large screens with the buttons you used to find on the dashboard. The driver chooses which screen performs which functions and which information is displayed. Certainly with the new RS, data on G-forces, lap times and sprint times can also be retrieved.

You get your own information about the temperature of the tires, engine oil and of those components that are important for achieving fast lap times. Of course, there is the usual infotainment system, with electronics to help with braking, acceleration and steering.

Key assets under the hood

Its greatest assets are found under the hood. That gives way to a 4.0-liter eight-cylinder gasoline engine, good for 601 hp and 800 Nm. To prevent the RS6 from going up in smoke as soon as you press the gas pedal, this power is sent to all wheels via Quattro all-wheel drive. In addition, the driver can select Normal, Comfort and Dynamic modes to define the character.

Pleasant RPM

On the highway, it is surprisingly low. This makes for a comfortable car, even on long distances. From standstill to one hundred kilometers, this Audi RS6 needs only 3.6 seconds. Two hundred kilometers per hour is reached after only twelve seconds. This acceleration is comparable to a thoroughbred sports car. Quattro all-wheel drive allows you to tap into the RS6’s full power, even in adverse weather conditions.

Additional brakes provide excellent road handling

Of course, such a powerful engine requires powerful brakes. They are either steel or ceramic. Ceramic brakes provide powerful braking without additional heat generation. Despite powerful brakes, the tires do not always provide the essential grip to convert this braking power into effective stopping power. Speed over short distances so high that the RS6 needs an experienced driver to reach high speeds.


With this luxury car, Audi presents a new trendsetter in this segment of sporty cars. In the future, it plans to make its flagship even more versatile with more space, luxury and room. In the standard version, the engine is even more powerful than in the strongest version of the previous generation.

The result is quiet and comfortable driving in all conditions. The thoroughly modified chassis makes this RS6 a lightning-fast bolide with stunning handling. And that is combined with the practical space of a station wagon. Still doubting why so many are buying this Audi RS6?

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