The Audi RS3 is an insane car. Compact, fast, spirited engine and driving characteristics. In this black version with red accents, the car is completely finished. We chose this car because it is completely finished. From an upgraded sound system, to the red accents, the sport steering wheel in alcantara, the sport exhaust; it all adds up. This Audi also has an extended manufacturer's warranty up to 100,000 km and is a VAT car; thus attractive for business drivers as well. And say it yourself; given the delivery problems of the Audi RS4, you might be better off buying this cannon on wheels. Are you tired of the engine noise for a while ? turn down the sports exhaust and enjoy the sound system..this way you will arrive everywhere relaxed.

Specifications Audi RS3 Sportback Quattro 2023

  • Eerste toelating 01-2023
  • Brandstof Benzine
  • Topsnelheid 280 km/h
  • Gewicht 1,545 kg
  • Cilinders 5
  • Garantie Fabrieksgarantie
  • Vermogen 400 HP
  • Transmissie Automaat
  • Acceleratie (0-100) 3,8 sec
  • Aantal zitplaatsen 5
  • Cilinderinhoud 2480 cc
  • Onderhoudsboekje Aanwezig
  • Mythos Black metallic
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Top speed 280 km/h
  • Extended warranty up to 100,000 km
  • Smartphone interface
  • Bang & Olufsen Soundsystem
  • Exterior mirrors in color car and electrically adjustable
  • Driver’s seats electrically adjustable
  • Inside mirrors electrically adjustable
  • Comfort keys
  • Leather with RS stitching
  • Matrix LED Lamps
  • MMI Navigation
  • Panoramic glass roof
  • RS Design package plus (red)
  • RS Exterior package black
  • RS Sportuitlaat
  • 19″ rims
  • Rear View Camera
  • Front seat heating

With the RS 3, Audi again unpacks its so-called “5-in-line. It does have an even sportier character thanks to its Torque Splitter. The two successful standard elements of this legendary 1980s sports car were retained. They are combined with to front-wheel drive. This further enhances the performance of this compact German. All of this was mainly aimed at “efficiency,” but now does provide a modified driving feel. Rest assured, for buying an Audi RS3 there are more than enough reasons

The same basic ingredients

Audi adds to the well-preserved basic ingredients a Torque or Torque splitter. As a result, an electronically arranged lamellar clutch was placed on each drive shaft of the rear differential. This ensures that torque is distributed to each rear wheel. This basic principle is reminiscent of the Ford Focus RS. In the case of the Audi RS3, it is the same module that was recently used to make the handling of the latest generation Volkswagen Golf R even sportier.

Charismatic five-cylinder

In stark contrast to the Golf R, which now got a four-cylinder under the hood instead of the V6 of its predecessors, the Audi RS3 swears true to the charismatic five-cylinder of its forefathers. Enjoy it while you still can. This 2.5 TFSI block won the “International Engine of the Year” title nine times in a row, its successful career is almost definitely over.

Unchanged power

The power output of the Audi RS3 surprisingly remained unchanged at four hundred horsepower. Tight increases torque by 20 Nm, up to 500 Nm. Moreover, the engineers managed to broaden the five-cylinder block by further expanding the speed range for maximum torque between 2250 and -5600 rpm coupled with maximum power between 5600 and 7000 rpm. All this makes for an unprecedented sporty driving style that powerfully presses the driver into his bucket seat.

Sporty stern creates unnatural handling

Thanks to the Torque splitter, you will enjoy a sporty rear end in this Audi RS3. There regularly causes unnatural driving. This causes annoying understeering at first. It disappears completely when you hold down the gas pedal. You can then try to maintain the slip thus created with the gas pedal. Compared to a rear-wheel-drive car, this process is brusk and less natural. Sporty drivers certainly won’t be deterred by this.

Exciting driving experience

The Torque Splitter in this new Audi RS3 has much more to offer. Here we are certainly thinking of the so-called “RS Performance” mode. Which allows you to get the most out of the Audi RS3. That certainly benefits its dynamic driving. This more aligned mode shifts the incipient understeer on corner entry, but allows the rear window to break out more subtly and sophisticatedly on corner exit. This makes the RS 3 more exciting to drive, without therefore reducing its efficiency.

Improved road handling

With the new Audi RS3, many details of its predecessors were also improved. This is certainly true in terms of its handling. This included a wider track and optional electronically controlled dampers from the RS Plus sports suspension. This ensures even better comfort even in sporty settings. Compared to its competitors, the Audi RS3 is the most versatile in use. That alone is more than enough to buy the Audi RS3.

Five-cylinder as an absolute eye-catcher

Audi’s famous five-cylinder is the absolute showpiece of this RS 3. His limited availability clearly does not diminish his sensations. We owe that to its new exhaust system with fully alternating valves. If you wish, you can make the sound of the engine even more powerful.

Combining a seven-speed gearbox with standard dual-clutch transmission and Launch Control, the RS3 takes less than four seconds (3.8) to accelerate from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour. Its top speed was capped at 250 kilometers per hour to 280 or 290 kilometers per hour depending on your chosen choice of model.

Groomed finish with sporty look

The finish of the bodywork is, as always with
, neat and the sporty, both inside and outside. Enthusiasts have a choice between an RS3 Sportback and a Berline version. Their equipment is completely almost identical to the standard A3 with the same body shapes, which hardly affects the contents of the trunk.

Buying the Audi RS3

To go out with the standard RS 3 Sportback you will have to pay exactly 62830 euros. The Berline carries a price tag of 64230 euros. With electronically controlled damping (1200 euros), ceramic brakes (4730 euros). A combination of these two options or the RS Dynamic Plus package will cost you 6610 euros. There are also the Matrix LED headlights for 850 euros and the Audi Sport RS exhaust system for 1020 euros.

Why would you buy an Audi RS3?

Buying an Audi RS3 as a sporty driver is undoubtedly done for its surprising benefits and certainly for its:

  • Improved handling
  • Charismatic engine
  • Polyvalent and sports use
  • Optimal finishing
  • Complete equipment

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